Coldbox WebDAV module

Hey everyone. We’ve opened up our WebDAV module for public use.

Feel free to grab it, use it and improve it. We included a fileSystem provider (which lists/edits the lucee temp directory) to get people started, but the obvious power is when you create your own providers. Its very basic at present, but supports most of the webdav protocol (GET, PUT, MKCOL, PROPFIND, DELETE, LIST etc.etc). If anyone has any improvements I’d be happy to see/implement them.

Our app has over 140k documents, and using this we can give our clients direct desktop network drive access to all these documents and allow them to edit in place, drag and drop files and folders, move things around and edit them; everything they expect from a fully functioning network drive.

You don’t need to really do anything other than drop the module in, and customize it how you want. You do need to (perhaps) adjust some coldbox settings and rewrite rules - details of which are in the readme.

Of course, you can get funky and return anything that fits into a file/folder hierarchy. You could easily add custom routes, and return data other than files - an example might be a list of contacts in departments, with a list of dynamically created vCards etc etc. Another example might be to use it like a virtual file system (as we do), but add some custom routes for “document updated this week” or something similar. The sky is the limit! :slight_smile:

Anyway, enjoy, and give me a shout if you have any questions.


Sorry posted this to the wrong group!

But feel free help yourself anyway if anyone is interested…

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