ColdBox3.8.1/CF10 - Form Variable Not Found

Hello, this is how I had my form built, but I cannot buildLink without pre-defining the input variable. Am I missing something? Also, how do I keep the checkbox checked after returning from the event? I do not wish to use JavaScript for this control…any advice is appreciated. Am I making use of prc correctly? Also, how I can’t never get the code-highlight to space correctly. any tips?


<cfset ITFiltersStruct = rc.orgFilters[1] >

<input class=“filterCheck” type=“checkbox” name=“Value” value="#filter#"

<cfif structKeyExists(form,‘IT’)>checked=“checked”

onClick=“this.form.submit();” >#filter# (#FiltersStruct[filter]#)


Please ignore incorrect stuct name… I was trying to modify the original code to code and missed a few renames… thanks for any advice.

the code formatting on this thread is making it really hard to read.

I would recommend starting the thread anew and moving the code samples to



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