I have an .html page… is there a way to call to a ColdBox event? I’ve tried several ways, but none would work.

In page.html:

…this simply re-display the page.html…

I also tried just calling the view directly:

Then any ColdBox api presents in the view.cfm becomes an error.

I’m learning my way through coldfusion and coldbox, so apologize for any trivial questions.

Thanks for any advice.

Your first example won’t work. You cannot use CF expressions (or variables) inside a static document (like .html, by default).

If you want the call to be made through the framework, you’ll need to use to correct URL to access the framework (rather than the view file directly). By default, the URL would be something like…


Or, if you’re using SES and URL rewriting…


Thank you Jason! That worked perfectly. Thanks! :slight_smile: