ColdboxProxy.cfc returning dump instead of Json struct


I have an issue using /ColdboxProxy.cfc: when I issue an Ajax call instead of returning the data I request, it returns a dump of a Java class. No matter what arguments I send, I always get this dump. For a given page I issue three calls to /coldBoxProxy.cfc?method=process, each with it’s own set of arguments.

This is the call to one of them:

Translated: I want to execute event CMS.CMS.getWebObject with the following parameters

and that should return a Json struct containing the data I div-replace in my page. Now when you click the link you see the dump it actually returns. Of course this is not div-replaced so the page stays empty.

When I modify /ColdboxProxy.cfc function process() to return only a text (e.g. “hello world”) - I comment out everything else - and I also remove the cfc’s extend atribute to be sure no parent code gets executed prior the return I still get the dump. So there’s no or WriteDump() disrupting the request here.

I’m out of options … What could be the issue here?

Please note that this used to work so the setup is valid.

CB v 3.0
CF v 9.01