ColdboxProxy issue not calling process()


Im a total newbie with ColdBox and have inherited this application which involves a web service.

All seems to be working fine except when a third party calls our client process() doesn’t seem to work. I can call it with the same credentials and everything works fine.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Cheers, Andy

Are you using it for SOAP web services or REST?

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Can you clarify what the URL looks like that’s being hit? Also, is the name of the public method called “process”? That’s a special method name that is inherited form the base proxy class, so you won’t want to create a method called “process” in your concrete implementation. The process() method is what you call if you want the proxy to execute a ColdBox event.



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Its being used for a SOAP process.

I have a function called getPDF() which generates a PDF file and returns it as base64 encoded.

The call within getPDF() to pre looks like this

<cfset local.thisProcess = super.process(event=‘index.ws_renderPDF’, policy_data = local.policy_data, policy_template = getRequestSetting(‘policy_template’,‘client_template’))>

When I call this web service local.thisProcess will be assigned true

When a third party developer hits the same function it return NULL. I have some simply within index.ws_rederPDF and that doesn’t write anything so it looks like process() does work.

Its really odd, and this is the first time i’ve worked on CB code so a little lost for direction.

Kind regards, Andy


I can’t see the reply I posted earlier.

Im using it as a SOAP service. I have the call to process() within an exposed web service function called getPDF(). This works fine when I call it from my machine (based in the UK) but when I call the same web service, with the same parameters from another country (Poland or Holland) something seems to stop the process() from being called and simply returns NULL.

Have you ever heard of anything like this?


To answer my own post, it was because of maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode restricted user by IP address, but this DOES NOT affect a web service url. This does however affect a call to process() which tries to process a page.

Kind regards, Andy