ColdFusion 11/ColdBox Incompatible?

Hi, All:

I’ve heard from a couple of folks, as part of technical discussions, that ColdBox is not compatible with ColdFusion 11. I’ve not really found specific information that this is so, however, some notes that there are deprecated functionality that could cause some issues.

Is CB compatible with CF 11?


Kevin S. Anderson

Works fine on my CF11 server.

I’m not aware of any current compatibility issues. I know that ContentBox and DataBoss had a couple ORM issues originally, but they have been fixed.

Who were you taking to and can you elaborate on what issues they said existed? I have personally been using ColdBox on CF11 without issues. If you are aware of anything, please put in a ticket so it can be addressed.



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Hi Brad:

It was mentioned by an engineer in a technical exchange meeting, referencing Sounds like it was an ORM issue.

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ORM was not the only issue Brad, as ColdFusion 11 introduced an incompatibility with serialization between Railo and CF11.

Kevin, there was a thread awhile ago about this and it is very easy to modify your code or upgrade to ColdBox that supports this fix.

ColdBox is CF11 compatible of course!

The changes we made were on the ORM interface that changed.

So this was never a ColdBox issue then? I recall that this was one of the issues that stopped me from running ColdBox on ColdFusion 11.

This was on the object marhshaller, due that adobe implemented a serialize method, this is already fixed

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I remember, as a beta tester for CF11, communicating to Louis about an error I got and the particulars and within the next update he had dealt with it.

I’ve been running Coldbox, ContentBox, Testbox, and now Commandbox with no ill effects since…
Best of luck…