ColdFusion 9 "Enterprise database drivers"

Looking over a comparison chart for different version of CF at I see ColdFusion 9 Enterprise comes with “Enterprise database drivers”, but ColdFusion 9 Standard does not.

Does anyone know what that actually means? Does Enterprise connect nativley to databases that standard doesn’t, or does it just have “better” drivers (whatever that would mean)?



the "enterprise drivers" are the DataDirect OEM drivers, they are meant
to perform slightly better, but the performance difference is tiny.

definitely not worth donating a kidney for

using the plain old JDBC should be be fine, it's just you need to manually
enter the jdbc url, rather than having a specialised form for entering the
JDBC urls.

There is more to it than Zac’s explanation. ColdFusion Super Hero Charlie Areheart’s blog first educated me: Adobe licenses the drivers from There site will have all the info you are looking for.

-Aaron Greenlee

there's some good info there!

at the same time, I would also recommend investigating the latest
JDBC drivers from your database vendor.

on a new server yesterday, I was having some performance issues
with an oracle connection. I upgraded to the latest version from oracle
and a sample query dropped from 120 to 65ms, just with a driver upgrade


Thanks to both of you for the information!