Coldfusion Builder 2 - Forgebox error

Hi guys,
I'm running Coldfusion 9.0.1, I've installed on my pc Coldfusion
Builder 2 as standalone application and updated Coldbox Platform
Utilities to version 2.7.
Now, when I click on Colbox ForgeBox -> Install Entry, I've got this

Error Occurred While Processing Request
The value returned from the getTypes function is not of type query.

I searched on google, but no results found. Any ideas?


I recently saw this error as well. It wasn't from trying to install the forgebox module, but rather from browsing to the module after generating an app.

Nolan Dubeau

Load *.*,8,1

I have the same error also if I go to:,
so I think that the problem is not related to Coldfusion builder but
only to Forgebox. I'm running Coldbox 3.1.0.


Hi guys, yes, the forge box links are not working anymore on 2.7. I will be releasing 2.8 soon, or you can update from github now:

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Ortus Solutions, Corp

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