[Commandbox 1.0] Module Issues

Hey guys,

I’ve ran into some issues when installing the Coldbox Debugger module and the Coldbox Storages module via CommandBox. The issues with each module are unrelated but I thought I would outline them here.


  • I go into the ROOT of my project and run box install Coldbox-Storages.

  • This installs the module into ROOT/modules/ColdBox-Storages.

  • The path to the ModuleConfig.cfc file is ROOT/modules/Coldbox-Storages/cbstorages/ModuleConfig.cfc

  • The problem is Wirebox never loads the binder mappings, so when I try to inject things like ‘session@cbstorages’ into my models, I get a Wirebox Dependency not found error.

  • If I manually copy the cbstorages folder from ROOT/modules/Coldbox-Storages/cbstorages/ to ROOT/modules/cbstorages, everything works fine.
    Am I doing something wrong here?


  • I go into ROOT and run box install cbdebugger
  • It installs and when I reload my application, I immediately get a Wirebox dependency error saying it can’t inject “debuggerService@cbdebugger”
  • The only way I can get it to work is if I update ROOT/modules/cbdebugger/ModuleConfig.cfc and add this to the configure() method:
  • binder.map( “debuggerService@cbdebugger” ).to( “#moduleMapping#.models.DebuggerService” );

At this point I’m trying to determine if I have something wrong on my end or if the source for these modules need to be updated. Any ideas?


Grant Copley

Are you using the bleeding edge of ColdBox 4?



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Yes, running coldbox-

do you have the latest module version? I had this same problem a week or so ago and had to do everything manually as well, but then Luis updated the modules and thy all worked fine.

Yes update your models. The storages are not even called coldbox-storages no more

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