[commandbox 1.1.0] Attempting to use cfadmin from CLI

I am attempting to use the cfadmin function from the CLI:

box admincompile.cfm


Railo Error (expression)
Message: Cannot access, no password is defined
The Error Occurred in
/Users/XXXXXX/admincompile.cfm: line 2
2: admin type=“server” action=“createArchive” file=“foo”;
Java Stacktrace:
Cannot access, no password is defined


Any ideas on either how to set the password, or make it not required?



Well, isn’t that a catch 22 :slight_smile:

The actual CLI engine doesn’t run inside a servlet container and isn’t bound to a port so there’s no way to hit the administrator from any URL. (The embedded server, of course is different).

Railo’s passwords are stored in an XML and if you search through your ~/.CommandBox folder, you can probably find it. I’m wanting to say


Now, you can copy a pre-encrypted password from another Railo server, or use this little project I put together a while back to encrypt the admin password for you.

Read the docs on the two separate password formats Railo uses. An older encrypted one, and a new hashed one.

Also, note we have a dedicated mailing list just for CommandBox here:




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