[CommandBox 4.0.0+01015 with Lucee 5.2.7+62][Coldbox 5.0.0+633] advanced skeleton app fails

Hi All,
I am running the following configuration [CommandBox 4.0.0+01015 with Lucee 5.2.7+62][Coldbox 5.0.0+633]
I created an app in folder ‘[webroot]/cb5’ using command “coldbox create app name=cb5app skeleton=advanced”

When I click on ‘Main’ under ‘Registered Event Handlers’ on the main page I get a ‘Page not found’ at

By default the app has setFullRewrites( true ); in Router.cfc turned on.

I can browse to fine but it defeats the purpose of setFullRewrites( true ) I believe.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?



You have to customize the rewrites if you want it to work in a subdirectory.

FYI I tried running it in webroot too but the routes were still not resolving properly and leading to a blank page. I had to add setUniqueURLS(false) in Router.cfc to get things to work properly.