Commandbox error help!

I’m getting this error. need your guidance guys

You upgraded CommandBox with an older version of the dotenv module in place. The new CommandBox version includes a new Wirebox version which changes how providers work slightly and makes it incompatible with that older version of the module. I highly recommend using the commandbox-update-check module which would have warned you of your outdated system modules months ago.

The fix is very easy, go manually uninstall the dotenv module by deleting the .CommandBox/cfml/modules/commandbox-dotenv folder from disk and then re-running box which will not start. Then re-insatll the altest version with

install commandbox-dotenv

and then install the update check module like so so you never miss a module update again :slight_smile:

install commandbox-update-check
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It works!!! thanks much and more power!!

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