is being ignored

It appears the commandbox.properites files is getting ignored on OSX Catalina when using CommandBox version 5.1.1
I’m simply doing something wrong. Here’s the setup:

Binary: /usr/local/bin/box
Created: file in the /usr/local/bin directory
The files contains:


When I start box w/
$> box -commandbox_home=/Users/Shared/CommandBox

The ‘info’ command displays as expected

  • CommandBox Binary /usr/local/bin/box *
  • CommandBox Home /Users/Shared/CommandBox

But when I start box w/out the command_home parameter, ‘info’ displays:

  • CommandBox Binary /usr/local/bin/box *
  • CommandBox Home /Users/jasondaiger/.CommandBox

Is there a permissions issue? Do I have the properties file in the wrong location? Or something?

Any advice/assistance is appreciated.

-Jason Daiger

Are you using any symlinks? Check out this note on the Homebrew installation regarding the file.

Thanks, I know it was likely something simple. Moving the file to /usr/local/Cellar/commandbox//bin/ works as desired.

Side note: when running as ‘sudo box’ the tray icon doesn’t appear & the default browser doesn’t use my local system browser. Everything is working and functioning as desired otherwise. Thanks again for pointing out my oversight.

I assume the differences related to using sudo are that the process is running as the root user. I’m not a Mac guy however so I’m not really sure.