CommandBox server holding onto directories

I’m using CommandBox for local development of some apps I work on, makes it super easy to test on different CFML engines, love it :slight_smile:

However, I’m seeing that the CommandBox server is locking at least some of the directories it’s serving, so they can’t be deleted without stopping the server. Since the app itself does this, as does an Ant build step for one app, it’s kind of problematic.

Any thoughts? I never had this problem with standalone ACF or Lucee installs.

This is a known issue that I’d love to get to the bottom of, but I need Denny’s help. Please make some noise over here:



ColdBox/CommandBox Developer Advocate
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Done. This and the java.util.ConcurrentModificationException’ crash doing structClear(Request), which has a code workaround, and some JVM arg differences I haven’t gotten to the bottom of are the only reasons I’m not advocating for CommandBox as our standard dev environment at work. I still use it myself, but any behavioral differences between dev and production environments are counterproductive.