When using commandbox to install cbsecurity I get the following:

Installing package: cbsecurity
Verifying package ‘cbsecurity’ in ForgeBox, please wait…
Verified entry in ForgeBox: ‘cbsecurity’
Starting download of: ‘cbsecurity’…
Redirecting to: ‘http://download.ortussolutions.com/ortussolutions/coldbox-modul
ERROR: Connection failure http://download.ortussolutions.com/ortussolutions/cold
C:\Users\ixw002.CommandBox\cfml\system\util\ProgressableDownloader.cfc: line 14
140: connection.connect();

141: } catch( Any var e ) {

142: throw( message=‘Connection failure #arguments.downloadURL#’, de
tail=e.message );

I tried the path above (http://download.ortussolutions.com/ortussolutions/coldbox-modules/cbsecurity/1.0.2/cbsecurity-1.0.2.zip) directly in a browser and it appears it’s a bad path. What’s odd is I now get a null pointer error in my app immediately after the following:

“The module cbi18n has already been registered, so skipping registration”


Thank you!

Irv Wilson

Something must be up with Forgebox, I’m getting the same error trying to install cbsecurity into a deployment of my application.

Thanks for reporting. It looks like download.ortussolutions.com which is a vanity URL for our S3 bucket is down. This shouldn’t affect packages on ForgeBox that are hosted elsewhere. I’ll check with Luis to see what’s going on there.

> “The module cbi18n has already been registered, so skipping registration”

That’s just Coldbox telling you that it’s already loaded the cbi18n module, so it’s not going to load it again. Nothing to worry about.

> I now get a null pointer error in my app

I’d have to see the stack trace to have any idea what’s causing it.



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I put the wrong URL. fixed now

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