Conditional Statement Within renderView Produces Unwanted Results

In my layout, I have a use a conditional statement to determine which
menu to render (display).

If they are logged in, the menu would have additional links.

    The Layout has two "renderView". One for the conditional menu
    and one for the main view
    The views work perfect.

  Whenever I use conditional statements
    (<cfif > or <cfswitch> <cfcase>)
  I always get the following additional chars.
These chars. ALWAYS and ONLY show up when the second condition is
They ALWAYS show up BEFORE the menu links. They do not show up as
a link ... just text.

  No matter where I put the conditional statement(s), these chars.
always show up,
  When the second condition is met.
  I have put the conditional statements:
         a.) within the view
         b.) within the cfc of the view
         c.) within a model, called by the view's cfc
         d.) within a model, called by the view

There might be something that is not closed in your source. Try maybe line debugging for this.

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Problem solved.

In my testing, I had the called function “output” set to true.

It would not output what I wanted, instead it would output the “0>”.

After setting the function output to false, everything worked great.

Thread closed.