Confused on some point of navigation from module using parent layout


So I have a module and I have it configured to use a parent layout by default (for all handlers in the module in moduleconfig). Works great.

However, the master (whole site) navigation IN that layout, no matter what I try, always wants to use the module as the base url to the path for the anchor tags when what I want are those to use the ROOT handlers, not the module handlers. I have tried buildLink, created unnecessary routes, even hard coded “/index.cfm/general/index”…and no matter what, it’s using and I don’t know why. Same code used in a layout referenced by the root and the module and there it is.

What am I doing wrong?


Are you saying the link or the destination? I don’t see how (if you hard coded a link) it can suddenly change when the layout is being rendered.

So I’m presuming after you’ve clicked on the link it somehow redirects to the module?

No, I just hover over the link and the browser tells me it’s going to the wrong place.


that’s all it says right now and based on my website, the link resolves to

general.index (the default from an application template should be

heck, I just created a hard coded href to /index.cfm and I get the same thing…heck, I just hard coded it to /index.cfm/mike/test/link.cfm and I still get same URL! So I thought I might have something cached…reset the CB cache, reinit the framework, closed browsers, tested in different browsers…wow…something else is really going on.


Never mind…I’m an idiot…