Congrats on ContentBox!

Wow . . . I'm truly impressed with Contentbox! I'm trying it out on my local before installing it at one of the domain.

Question - can this be installed as a "plug-in"? I have a social network site that is built with ColdBox and we plan at some point to have a blog to keep users updated on new features, etc. Obviously, we don't need to write a blog setup if there are stuff out there that has already been built . . .

Yes it can… ContentBox is actually just modules that can be removed and placed into any other ColdBox container.

Of course that is the beauty of ContentBox. We are doing all our docs now. To deploy ContentBox to an existing app you do the following.

1. Drop all ContentBox modules in your app modules
2. Make sure orm is enabled and copy or update the orm settings in the ContentBox application.cfc into your apps application.cfc
3. Open your apps /config/ColdBox.cfc and make sure orm injection is enabled for the app
4. Open the File /modules/contentbox-ui/ModuleConfig.cfc and locate the this.entrypoint = "";

Now add an entry point to the blog/cms module. This is mandatory in order to segregate the cms to an entry point URL. If you keep it empty then it takes over your entire app.