Content Box modules (User created)

Ok, here is something that I would like to know how, what is the best and what you might do.

I am in the process of writing a module to plugin to the Administrator, and it requires settings. I thought about attaching it to the standard settings area, however I thought it would be best kept separately . Because I would prefer the Admin user to make the changes in that area, and not accidently change it in the other area.

Unless that won’t matter and it is somehow filtered I can live with that.

I was thinking more along the lines of using ORM table, but then that begs the question on how to would we then go about making that active onLoad() and deleting it on deletion of the module.

So thoughts and ideas please.

I believe we have decided to leave ORM set to update for this reason (not sure if that is done yet). As far as deletion, that shouldn’t probably be done by you, but by the user. At least I don’t want it deleting any data of mine.


Ok that’s what I was thinking, but I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track before doing all this and finding out that it wasn’t the preferred way.

But also I was referring to, when a user loads a module via update or adding from forgebox is the updating of the application handled automatically. Is there something that I need to do, for manual updating etc.

I think we are defining the “preferred way” :slight_smile:


I don’t think the ORMReload() then, so you might want to do that manually.

So if I hear you, what your saying is that in the hands of a none developer. They need to know how to load the module via update, then know that they need to reinit the orm?

No, I am saying that you as a module developer should run it for them :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I was hoping you would be saying.

Is this stuff going to be documented on how-to’s etc?

Knowing Luis, I am guessing it will be well documented on best practices etc. and what we should not be doing.

Are you really asking if something produced by Luis is going to be well documented???

Yes, I believe will we have good documentation on creating your own modules, but we are still documenting the core.


hehe… Was being sarcastic as much as you :slight_smile:

I think the dbupdate will be set to “none” as on startup having “update” does full db scans and comparisons. So I think it will be up to the developer to alter the database on certain custom modules and do cleanup on their own.

For this, we have started a new project:

Based on some excellent work by some folks in cfwheels. We will be using this as a base and giving it the ColdBox flavor to it. However, ContentBox will include a DB abstraction layer for manipulation that module developers can use to do db manipulations.

As of now, we need to do things manually.

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