Content is not allowed in Prolog.

I have just moved one of my old ColdBox apps to M6. I was using a
refactored version of ColdBox before and now I am going the No
Inheritance Route. So I have copied the coldbox/system folder into my
app root and copied over Coldbox.cfc and modified it based on my
requirements and I am getting this error as soon as the page loads.

An error occured while Parsing an XML document.

Content is not allowed in prolog.

The error occurred in /Library/WebServer/Documents/myproject/coldbox/
system/web/loader/FrameworkLoader.cfc: line 70
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/myproject/coldbox/system/web/
Controller.cfc: line 43
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/myproject/coldbox/system/
Coldbox.cfc: line 69
Called from /Library/WebServer/Documents/myproject/Application.cfc:
line 23
68 :
69 : // Parse settings
70 : fwXML = xmlParse(instance.FrameworkConfigFile);
71 :
72 : //Get SettingNodes From Config

Any ideas what to look for ? I have checked Coldbox.cfc and the there
dont seem to be any Syntax error.....And why is it even trying to load
the XML since the config is not an XML anymore ?

I figured it out....

Apparently I had a 'coldbox' mapping defined in the CF administrator
that was conflicting with the actual physical folder I had in my app
directory. and these 2 were different versions of Coldbox.