[ContentBox-1.0.9] coldfusion.runtime.EventHandlerException during installation

Running on my local machine:

CF Server : 9,0,2,282541
Java: 1.6.0_27
ColdBox 3.5.2
SQL Server 2008
JDBC Driver

  1. The installation page loaded just fine,
  2. asked if I had a DSN,
  3. I said yes, entered the DSN value & clicked “Continue Installation”.
  4. All of the tables were created
  5. the Application.cfc file was updated to comment out the redirect to the contentbox-dsncreator and then

*** coldfusion.runtime.CustomException: coldfusion.runtime.EventHandlerException: Event handler exception.

I found another thread with this problem.

  1. Cleared template cache
  2. Cleared component cache
  3. Deleted all class files in /cfclasses
  4. Restarted the server

The Application.cfc was also updated to add an onError method:

public void function onError(exception, eventName){

// STUPID ColdFusion 9 hibernate cached connection error.
if( structKeyExists(URL, “cbInstaller”) AND
findNoCase( “Datasource not found”, arguments.exception.detail ) ){
include “modules/contentbox-dsncreator/views/cf9-refresher.cfm”;
throw( arguments.exception );

If I remove this function, I just get a blank screen. How can I proceed?



I am guessing you have HTTP codes switched on in your admin section, that is one cause of blank screens from time to time.

Second as the onError is your function, then it is indicative of an error happening. All you need to do know is work out what error it is and post it back here.