CONTENTBOX-542 Add bot protection for hits + session management


how to implement this, just a few suggestions?

  1. Move hits to new table content_hits (keeping it in the same table can lead to locks under high load)
  2. Make a new section in Settings, call it Logging Options?
  3. Text field for regex bot agent string (exclude user agents from logging)
  4. enable/disable hit count
  5. If hit count is disabled, do not show pie chart1. exclude ip address ranges1. wrap updateHits in a try/catch
  6. We had some entries where the logging failed, don’t know why this happend?
  7. Where to log errors then?1. We should have a setting which lowers the session time out for bots, should this be done pragmatically only? Or where should we put this setting?

What do you think?

Best regards,


Great suggestions, updated ticket: [CONTENTBOX-542] Add bot protection for hits + session management - Welcome

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