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I am not sure this is Contentbox or Coldbox specific (it sure is related) but I love you guys so I am going to throw this out there anyways :slight_smile: On my current charity event website I have a photo gallery section Basically there is a folder on the drive for each year of the event and when you pick a year we just read all of the thumbnails and display them and when you click on one we show you the large image. This was really thrown together quickly and it isn’t all that great. We do some caching but on the initial load we still load up every image so there are some performance issues. This was originally built in Coldbox.


We have since moved all of our photos to our new facebook page Toys For Shots - Home | Facebook

My thought is why maintain them in 2 different spots because that is a maintenance nightmare. Would you just do one of the following or build a better photo gallery app on the new contentbox driven site?

1.) Just link to the new facebook page
2.) have pictures of each years gallery and link to that galleries page on the facebook site
3.) use open graph to show a list of albums / when you click on an album use open graph to show each picture.

Or you could just do something like this.

Create a module to show them, same as you have now. However when you upload an image an image into Contentbox, you fire of an interceptor that also uploads the image to Facebook for you.

Or you can use the Graph API to retrieve the list from Facebook.

This is actually something I was looking at, right at this moment. What I was planning on doing is using a Media Provider to do this for you. But that is a little way off for me, as I am still trying to understand the Media Providers myself. But I figured that this would be a good start to implement things like this.

But for now, I think integrating Facebook SDK into a module, writing an interceptor that would authenticate and post the image when it is saved would do wonders.

To be honest Andrew If I had the time that sounds like a great idea. I just don’t have the time to do that right now.

I would love to take each blog post as well and post the excerpt and a link back to the post in our facebook page as well. With the time constraint though I might just have to do it manually for now.

That is fair enough, just throwing ideas out there.

Btw Dan there is a ContentBox mailing list, feel free to join up there as well.

Dan, looks like you’re already a member. Just send your ContentBox E-mails to contentbox@googlegroups.com



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