ContentBox Module Custom Layout

It is wrapped in the default admin theme, but it seems to be standalone. How do I make sure that it is part of the coldbox admin?

Alright I’m really confused. The interceptor applies the layout to all of the admin area just not the actual module I registered it with??

How to I get this working?

Please go to me original post.

When creating a module for ContentBox, especially with what you are trying to do. It is best to be it’s own module. For example the event pattern also needs to match the entry point in the module.

For example

if you create a module and modify the moduleConfig Entry point to have WebPanel, then the event will work the way you want it to work.

The reason I ask you to go back to my post, as you will see, you need to create an actual module to house your things.

If you are using CF Builder, make sure you get the CB utilities for CFBuilder it will save you a lot of work.