[ ContetBox v. ] Duplicated rows

Hi guys,

I uploaded from my local server to production, and some issues came up: ( attached image )
some rows which were lowercase now they are camel case and this creates duplicated rows…

There are some other issues but, some are probably related to this. Can you check that up?

Local: Coldfusion 11
Production: Railo final
Coldbox: v.
ContentBox: v.


Possibly related to a mySQL server setting and different OS?

I’ve had this bite me not being consistent with my table names in cfquerys before going from local (OSX) to prod (Ubuntu) etc…

As to the fix from a coldbox / contentbox side I couldn’t really say, but my guess is it’s related to the doc link above.

Yes, I have had case sensitivity issues before. Make sure they are case sensitive and reflective of the table declaration in eac.

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I see… Thanks guys Tim and Luis :wink: