controller form another application gets loaded

I have a public application like and a separate
application in a subdomain called

each one are completely separated just using the same model with a
mapping which is outside the webroot.

mostly it works fine, but sometimes the coldbox on fwreinit seems to
mix up controllers!

when i start the admin application I occasionally get an error: it
couldn't find the main handler even I don't us e a main handler in
the admin application...!.

I do use the main handler in the public application...

I might miss something in the configuration. I tried to use separate
COLDBOX_APP_KEY. but no success...and all my proxy requests didn't
work anymore.

I run into this issues several times... only a server restart help but
the problem comes back.

what is the best configuration to avoid such problems?


This is an adobe cf setting issue. Look in your admin cache settings and uncheck cache web server paths

it really seems to be an adobe issue...looks like component cache is
an issues too: after I unchecked "Component cache" all was fine.

thx, daniel