Correct way to inject the coldbox SessionStorage plugin with coldspring?

Hi, we use following statment in the coldspring.xml.cfm to use the
sessionStorage plugin in our model:

<bean id="ColdboxController" class="coldbox.system.web.Controller"
<constructor-arg name="AppRootPath">

<bean id="SessionStorage"
class="coldbox.system.plugins.SessionStorage" singleton="true">
<constructor-arg name="controller">
  <ref bean="ColdboxController" />

Its work .... but is this the correct way? Or is there an another
better solution?
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
(Coldbox 3-Beta2, Coldspring 1.2)


Yea, definitely the wrong way. Take a look at the coldbox factory here:

Just remember that the paths changed in 3.0