Crash while installing

I cannot install any version of command box on my windows 10 machine. It is just crashing

@Kemal_CIZMECILER Thanks for posting your question here, but you’ve not included any information whatsoever that I can help you with! Please reply with screenshots, error messages, version numbers, so we can tell what’s going on.

Hi, Commandbox latest version. I unzipped to Downloads folder. After I run box.exe, it crashes with lucee errors (as far as I can see) and closes. I also tried older versions, without jre, no luck

@Kemal_CIZMECILER I can’t read your mind and I can’t see your screen. Until you can provide tangible details such as actual error messages or screenshots, I can’t help you.

ok then, thank you !

@Kemal_CIZMECILER You need to post your exceptions and anything that can be useful for us to help you with. Saying it errors and providing no further information is really impossible for us to assist you. Please send over screenshots, logs, exception traces, anything that can help us determine your exception.

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To be clear, I do want to help you, but I just can’t without being able to see the error. I can assure you CommandBox works just fine on Windows 10 for thousands of other people. I don’t doubt that you are getting an error of some sort, but as this isn’t a known issue of any kind, we just need more information about what you’re seeing on your screen.