Custom Antisamy

Hi folks,

I’m looking to implement a custom antisamy XML file which strips HTML to adhere to Plain Text email requirements. I have followed the instructions outlined here:

My config settings are as follows:

//custom antisamy settings
AntiSamy_Custom_Plugin = expandPath("/#appMapping#/includes/antisamy-plain.xml"),

antisamy-plain.xml is simply the slashdot XML file (from the coldbox plugins dir) saved as-is into the includes folder.

When I invoke the following I’m just presented with a blank page:

rc.partnerkey = “foo”;
rc.mailView = “emails/user_create”;

local.plainview = getPlugin(‘Renderer’).renderLayout(layout="#rc.partnerkey#/Layout.Plain.Email",view="#rc.mailView#");

local.plainview = antiSamy.HTMLSanitizer(local.plainview,‘custom’);

However if I change custom back to slashdot (or myspace, ebay, etc) it renders local.plainview with the proper antisamy rules/formatting.

Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks very much.


Ok typo on the docs. It is antisamy_custom_policy the name of the setting

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

Thanks Luis!