Custom routes in modules

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I’m in a process of creating a contentbox admin module where I would like to set up administration for all custom content types etc I create. What I wanted to do is have custom routing inside my module but I couldn’t manage, seems like the Modules handler in contentbox-admin doesn’t allow for custom routes to happen. Does anyone know any way around it ?


No there isn’t at the moment, and personally I wouldn’t bother because you would be having to then manage the security and look and feel of the module for the Administration section.

The routes in the modules for ContentBox will relate to public facing routes only.

All of what Andrew said. You pay a price for it which is customizations of the URLs for the admin since you allow ContentBox to manage your module.

But like Andrew said the entry point can be used and you can create your own layouts and look and feel. But would need to secure it yourself.

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Ok, thanks guys, think I’ll push it outside then as you suggested.

Does it really need to be pushed outside of ContentBox? Especially if it is an Admin module for ContentBox?

Those custom routes would simplify a lot for me. I might even consider using only coldbox and use some things from contentbox, don’t really need the built in types etc. Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

No problem! That is also something that I love about contentbox that it can be used in parts or all of it. It can be used as an API or customized as you see fit.

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