DataBoss Released

Congrats Luis! This is an awesome product.

Okay time for a feature request :wink: haha

Could there be the ability to add a custom form control or HTML/Javascript snippet that augments the auto-generated form for editing an entity?

Here is my use-case. I have an entity called Location. Location has the following properties:

  1. Name
  2. Address - One to One with Address entity
  3. Description

Address has the following properties:

  1. Address1
  2. Address2
  3. City
  4. State
  5. Country
  6. Zip Code
  7. Latitude
  8. Longitude

Now you can imagine that it’s not easy for someone to guess the latitude and longitude of an address. In an existing application I have a Google Map embedded into the page which allows me search for an address and do a reverse geo-code of the address to determine the latitude and longitude.

So essentially it would be awesome if we could extend a form to include a custom widget which allows you to provide a UI to populate form values for the auto-generated fields.

Do you think this is possible?



Yes. In the roadmap for version 2.0

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