Datasource problem

Hi Luis,

I have a strange (simple) problem.

Coldspring xml

Code below throws this error: Datasource ${} could not be found. ( So the value is not evaluated)


This code works:


ColdBox xml

I did a fwreinit to reload the coldbox xml file.

Do you have any ideas?


Acutally I do.
Coldspring BER I believe does not support complex variables anymore on
the settings structure that gets sent in to coldspring. If you are
using coldbox 2.5.0 rc2, you will find that coldboxfactory object that
can produce datasource beans already for you. However, if you just
want the variable, well, I suggest, just creating a simple setting. I
dislike that complex variables where eliminated from coldpsring and I
have modified my coldspring to support them.

  <Setting name="mydsn" value="oldtimecars" />

If not, just use the coldboxFactory object to produce a datasource for