DBAppender error

I got this error when the DB Appender was attempting to write a large
error dump into its 'extrainfo' column. The database is MySQL and the
extraInfo field is set as 'text'.

That in itself isn't a drama since you can just set the field type to
'longtext' and it's happy. The problem is that the error wasn't caught
by the framework. It just dropped a big ugly CF error on screen.
What's best practice here? Should I implement a seperate onError in
the application.cfc?

I've added my own custom handling to the Application CFC that traps
the error, logs it and emails me. You can check out Hoth on GitHub to
download the notification tool--Hoth is very simple as it emails you
the first time an exception is found and then increments a counter so
you can see volume. It does this by hashing the stacktrace and looking
for unique exceptions. I'll do a blog post soon.

You'll need to write your own custom handling in the Application file.
I would always encourage planning to trap errors if any third-party

Thanks for posting the stack trace. I too would have expected the
pretty message. You may want to post a bug to the Assembla ColdBox
ticket system.

Aaron Greenlee

Twitter: aarongreenlee

sounds interesting -- I'll check it out!