Debugging in Coldbox

Hello everyone,

I recently got started on learning the Coldbox framework in
conjunction with Transfer. My first Coldbox application is slowly
starting to take shape, but I have a question when it comes to
debugging. Currently I'm working with Coldbox version 3.0.0 RC1,
Coldfusion 9 on a Windows 7 server.

Usually I troubleshoot bugs by using <cfdump> at wherever I think the
bug may be rooted in. I discovered though that all output is
suppressed except for the view and layout templates, which prevents me
from getting output through <cfdump> when I try to debug handler or
model objects. Even setting 'output=true' on these methods and
components have no effect (presumably because the caller method has
output set to false)

My question is then: Is there a way to either make cfdump work, or is
there an alternative method that allows me to do something similar?
The best solution I've found so far is to use the tracer plugin, but
that doesn't seem ideal for anything other than simple variables.

thanks in advance,

That will get you what you’re used to.

..if you're running CF in a console, you could dump to the console
like this: <cfdump var="#myvar#" output="console" />

Stefan, we also have logging integrated via LogBox so you can easily setup logging destinations and log accordingly, evem to the debugger itself, a file, twitter, you name it.

Thanks for all your feedback, this has been very helpful!