Default Order / Sort for New Pages?

Been tricky for me to work around, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I create some new pages, let’s say:

  • About
  • Home
  • Privacy Policy

These get saved, I re-order them, and they turn out to be
1- Home
2- About
3-Privacy Policy

When I go to add a NEW page, it always goes to the top when viewing sitemap. I can keep re-ordering the pages, but we’re also creating a VAST number of “pages” that aren’t in menus. If my editor creates 25 new pages today, it’s hard to find the “Home” page link. I would’ve expected it to be at the top…where I put it. I’m assuming that all new entries get a 0 for the [order] column.

Other than trying to tap into the interceptor announcement point, doing my own search (ORM style, and I’m not really up on that) to determine current max order and set the page.setOrder(n) in said interceptor…is there actually an easier way to do this? Assuming we were not changing the “Show in Menu” to false every page, this would really mess with the menus, big time.

So, is there an easier way to change this behavior? Am I experiencing a bug?

Doing a quick query in the database, and having inserted a new page, this is the content table, joined to get titles:
|new order test page|0|
|Privacy Policy|0|
|Terms of Use|1|
|(title scrubbed for public post)|4|
|(title scrubbed for public post)|5|
|(title scrubbed for public post)|6|

SELECT c.title, p.order
FROM rvkb_cb.cb_page p
INNER JOIN rvkb_cb.cb_content c on c.contentid = p.contentid
ORDER BY p.order

I believe the only reason the “scrubbed” entries even have a sort value is because I have re-ordered the pages, manually, repeatedly. (Well, once would’ve done it, I guess.)

Thanks, y’all!

  • Will B.