Delete entry from "Custom content type" (module)

Hi out there,

I created a module for CB, which contains some properties to represent little ads, easy to edit.

When deleting one entry I get the following error:

Error Messages:

could not insert/select ids for bulk delete

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Ambiguous column name 'contentID'.

The remove function that I´m using is: deleteByID()

Attached you find my model that I´m using.

component persistent=“true” entityname=“akiImageSelection” table=“aki_ImageSelection” batchsize=“25” cachename=“akiImageSelection” cacheuse=“read-write” extends=“contentbox.model.content.BaseContent” joinColumn=“contentID” discriminatorValue=“ImageSelection”{

// Properties
property name=“headline” notnull=“false” length=“100” default="";
property name=“description” notnull=“false” length=“200” default="";
property name=“link” notnull=“false” length=“255” default="";
property name=“linkDescription” notnull=“false” length=“200” default="";
property name=“keywords” notnull=“false” length=“200” default="";

/************************************** CONSTRUCTOR *********************************************/


  • constructor
    function init(){
    customFields = [];
    renderedContent = “”;
    allowComments = false;
    createdDate = now();
    contentType = “ImageSelection”;
    headline = “”;
    description = “”;
    link = “”;
    linkDescription = “”;
    keywords = “”;

/************************************** PUBLIC *********************************************/


Am I missing something? Column name ContentID exists and I do not get why my delete is not working… Who can help?

Was this solved?


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