Design / Architecture questions


I'm a coldbox newbie and trying to refactor an existng (rather large)
app using coldbox.
I have 2 (for starters) questions : it OK to have cfincludes in a view?
2. Are there any examples of how to set up (call) the view when
dealing with frames? Do I set up the the layout to be the frame and
then load a view (content) in each frame?

Thank you

Please take a look at the coldbox dashboard application it uses frames.

Thank you I will check it out.

I was looking through the docs and in the tutorial in getUserByCredentials method a user object is created:

oUser = createObject (“component”, “User”).init ();

Where is the cfc for this?


That is just an example of a User model object that you can write.
It's not actually included in the framework.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply.
I understand that, but I would like to have a complete (explained) example that is considered best practice, that I can follow and see how all the pieces
fit together. In all my web searches I have found a few places but unfortunately they are incomplete and written by people who them selfs are trying to learn.
Not that it’s anything wrong with it (and I applaud them for taking the bull by the horn and running with it).
Now that the book is out I may buy it with the hope that it will fill up the holes.


OK -- understood, Richard. Just keep in mind that "best practices" for
modeling your domain with CFCs is a subject all unto itself and not
specific to ColdBox. Specifics will depend on a lot of factors, such
as if you want to use a service-oriented architecture or if you're
using object-relational mapping (either CF9's built-in Hibernate or
frameworks such as Transfer or Reactor). So I'm not sure how deeply
the ColdBox book will go into it.
Actually, in the ColdBox Model Integration Guide that you linked to,
Luis has a good overview on the model layer at the beginning. I've
also found the code in the example applications that come with the
ColdBox bundle to be a very valuable resource for learning this stuff
(specially look at the different Blog app examples).
Adrian Moreno also wrote a pretty good series on his blog: