detect existing modules

Is there a feature in CommandBox that I can run to scan my current directory for existing modules & automatically update their respective box.json files?

something like BOX> scan -findonly -updateonly

I have an application i’m building and I’m moving modules into bundles and also installing/creating new modules outside of commandbox from old projects and it would be handle to keep box.json updated without having to manually modify the entries.

That sounds interesting. You should build it :slight_smile:

  • Run from package root (where box.json is)
  • scans a directory specified, defaults to CWD
  • Doesn’t scan past a folder with a box.json since anything nested would belong to that package, not the main app.
  • Lookup based on installPaths. If not exist, add it.



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haha i will be happy to build it once i get more free time. I’m breaking up one of my large enterprise apps into dozens and dozens of modules at the moment and uploading them to forgebox one at a time. I want to finish this before i take on more work.

but yes, it would do exactly as you described.