[devbox] Domain Aliases Configuration

Where are the files for configuring domain aliases in the devbox install? I wanted to switch my development environment to using devbox to test whether or not it would be a good move for my other developers in doing proof of concept work…I installed it, got it working, copied one of my test projects over to the 8081 root directory that installed with it…other than some admin tweaks, everything is working wonderfully, but that nasty localhost:8081/[dir]/index.cfm needs to change so I can test dynamic multidomainses work…but I cannot find the virtual host settings usually associated with tomcat and there does not seem to be a ton of documentation on what’s installed and how devbox works so I’m a little lost.



Hi mike. Thanks this is our first version so we will continue to improve.

You can add more hosts via the conf/resin.xml. Look for the and add a new host to it or use the cool dynamic hosts approach Resin offers: http://caucho.com/resin-4.0/admin/http-virtual-hosts.xtp

In future versions, we might use that dynamic hosts approach instead.

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I would think DevBox as a quick solution, not a full stack dev envr. replacement.

In this case you may consider having different devbox instances for different projects/domains and run the required one when you work on that project. - unless you do not need multiple domains same time -

This is how the other platforms suggest for express versions too such as in RoR world.