devbox on MAC

Anyone get devbox started on a MAC? I followed Luis’s video, but when I try to launch, it does not do anything.

Luis showed how to make the files in that directory executable but I could not read the exact CHMOD command he used. I tried these two:
chmod -r 777
chmod +arwx

and also chmod ngo+rwx .

Any ideas?


Use chmod -R 777

The Mac basically for security purposes disables execution on any downloaded file. So you have to do that manually. Nothing we can do there. But run that command or right click on the folder and click “Get Info” on the “sharing and Permissions accordion” click on the lock icon, put your password and then select “Read & Write” for Everyone and click on apply.

I prefer the terminal approach.

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Thanks Luis, Obviously I am a little green on the MAC. There must be a switch to traverse down through the sub-directories as well but I am not familiar with it. I had to go in the bin directory and run it from there as well and now everything starts up as expected.