Did autowiring change from M6 to RC1?

It appears autowiring is working in main.cfc but it’s failing on a service object called from main.onAppinit().

The framework is stopping on the below and indicating “NavGateway is undefined”.

Jason Durham

Enable logging and see why
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I’m having trouble with this. I have the Autowire interceptor in debug mode. But I can’t find the location where it’s being logged? Does logBox need to be configured to log DI?

Jason Durham

Yes, DI will log to where ever logbox is configured to log to.

Try reading this thread:


Thanks Brad. While I had the “coldbox.system” category configured properly, I had my AsyncRollingFileAppender set with a levelMax = “INFO”.

I’m able to see injections taking place. I don’t see any injections for NavigationService. I have autowire=“true” within the tag.

Jason Durham

Which ioc framework are you using? (Lightwire, ColdSpring)

Does it have a bean configured named “NavGateway”?

If not, you should see a debug message to the affect of:
“getIOCDependency() cannot find IOC Bean: #thisLocationKey# using definition: #arguments.definition.toString()#”
where thisLocationKey is “NavGateway”
“Dependency: #targetDIEntry.dependencies[x].toString()# Not Found when wiring #getMetadata(arguments.target).name#”



I’m using Coldspring v1.2. Yes sir, there is a bean definition. This application was working properly on 3.0.0M6.

I just intentionally misspelled NavGateway and I’m not getting the error you mentioned. It appears autowiring isn’t working at all for [perhaps] my model objects. I’ll go back to the basics.

Thanks for the help.


FYI: I just rolled this app back to 3.0.0M6 and CF is no longer throwing an exception.