directoryCopy or uploadFile

Hi all.

I'm creating my first Coldbox app and I have a requirement to be able
to some bulk file uploads. There could be anywhere between 10-50
files (all image files) contain in a local directory. I would want to
upload to a directory with the same name, thus keeping the directory
structure in tact. Using the FileUtils plugin, can I use
'directoryCopy' to accomplish this or am I better off using
'uploadFile' and looping through the directory. For logging purposes,
I'd like to be able to record the directory that was uploaded from and
the number of files uploaded. I do not need to log or save the
individual filenames.

Thanks in advance



By local directory do you mean local to the user or local on your
server? The directoryCopy will work if it is on your server and you are
just coping to a new location on your server, but if you having a user
upload a directory off their local machine, that is a different story.



Thanks for the reply. Yes it would be from the user's local system to
the server, so directoryCopy would not work. I'll need to do some
kind of multiple file upload routine. I know CF9 has a multiple file
uploader. I was just taling to a friend and a suggestion was made to
have the user create a zip file and upload that. I'll probably look
at that options.


If you like jQuery, I like the plugin Uploadify for multiple file uploads.