Display a section with info

What if I want to show a table with information about a person and tabs of detail below.

I am having a hard time describing what I want… so bare with me.

I want to be able to call event like admin/addressInfo or admin/security when they click on the tab but the information in the top section comes from calling the event admin/getPersonInfo

Sorta like Render View only Render Event maybe? or can I call the event from inside the even and store the results?

I don’t want to have to make the same calls over and over again to admin/addressInfo and admin/security and other tabs.

I hope this makes sense.

Not sure quite what you want to achieve but maybe viewlets could be the answer?


That site is for 2.6.3 docs and will be shutdown once 3.5 is released.

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http://ortus.svnrepository.com> That site is for 2.6.3 docs and will
be shutdown once 3.5 is released.

I think you should have cc'ed Google on that Luis :slight_smile:

Here is the correct link:

Okay so will that viewlets example still work with the new version of ColdBox or has that changed?

Viewlets will still work…

Read the new guide at wiki.coldbox.org it has all kinds of new goodness