[docs][EA Integration] Enterprise Architect Integration

Using this from the Models documentation:

ColdFusion generation templates for Enterprise Architect - https://github.com/lmajano/EA-ColdFusion-CodeGeneration

Cannot seem to get it to work properly with EA 9.3…It was last updated around 2 years ago so I’m wondering if anyone has used it with 9.3…I want to weed out whether or not there is a compatibility issue or not.


I will check but I still use it.

Ok…I think I found what I was doing wrong because now I can set the code template to coldfusion for the objects and model in EA but when it goes to generate, it seems to want to create java files instead of cfm file…though the code inside is cf code.

Obviously these are outdated…do you have any plans to update them…or could I take it on?


hi Mike,

I have not updated them for a while, but yes, the collaboration is definitely welcomed!

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Have you gotten anywhere with the update? Anything you can share?

Will B.

Boy do I wish I had…no, workload and difficult deadlines for the last quarter have prevented me from doing anything “fun”…disappointing I know.