Does ColdBox 3.7.0 work with Cold Fusion 2016?

Hi, upgraded to Cold Fusion 2016 and was hoping to not have to upgrade ColdBox. Right upfront when ColdBox is loaded it’s failing
on the moduleMapping

App root is vat/
Binder exception “Directory does not exist”

Directory: C:/ColdFusion2016/cfusion/wwwroot/vat/vat/modules/intrastat/model

/vat/frameworks/coldbox_3.7.0/system/ioc/config/Binder.cfc: line 264

The /vat subdirectory is duplicated and I’m not sure how it’s determining that. Should be

Any guidance you can provide is appreciated.


I’m not aware of any issues with ACF2016 and I don’t recognize that error right off. Are you setting a custom app mapping for your site or letting the framework choose it for you?

To be honest, I can’t say I’ve tested ACF2016 with ColdBox 3.7 since that version of ColdBox is quite old at this point. We’re very far into Coldbox 4.x and have 5.0 in beta.



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Saw a similar situation the other day, though the issue had nothing to do with the ColdBox version. The duplication of paths had to do with the mapping paths set in Application.cfc for the COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH. You might want to check those first.

As far as I’m aware, there are no issues running 3.x releases on ACF 2016, however. There are a fair number of ColdBox apps developed on that version that are running happily on new versions of ACF.