Does Modules support its own conventions or does it inherit from the parent?

As the subject says, I am close to releasing 2 modules. One is about a month away the other not 100% sure, but they both use different conventions than the default.

The question that I have is that if I release these to the public to use, will they work?

The reason that I ask is that I use different conventions than the defaults, for example I hate the term handler and have used a directory called controller for all my apps and modules. But if someone was to use this module in their own network, will my convention work for them or are they forced to change the directories, conventions for their app, or my modules to accommodate these modules.

I haven’t had a chance to actually test this yet, so I am asking before I release these modules.


Andrew Scott

I haven’t had the opportunity to use modules but, based upon the preso on the Coldbox Connection, it seems that your ModuleConfig.cfc can override the parent applications configuration.

Thanks that is what I was hoping for; I must have missed that when reading the docs.


Andrew Scott

To duplicate this is simple…

What Andrew hasn’t mentioned is run the application, and then just delete the logs directory and nothing more. Rerun your application and the following error will occur…

An error occurred when performing a file operation append on file c:/myApps/ColdBoxApp/testApp/logs/test.log.

Please ignore, I replied to the wrong thread…… Need sleep I think.