Does SquidHead work with ColdFusion 11

I am inheriting an application, running on ColdFusion 8, developed with ColdBox 2.6.4 that uses Squidhead 2.0.00695. The plan is for ColdFusion to be upgraded to ColdFusion 11 and I am looking to find out if ColdBox 2…6.4 and SquidHead 2.0.00695 will work with ColdFusion 11? Is there a MS SQL version that this version of SquidHead will not work with?

As far as I know Coldbox 2.6.4 will work on CF 11, but honestly I’ve never tried it. That’s REALLY old and completely unsupported. 4.1 is the latest and you need to be looking at your upgrade path to get performance boosts, security fixes, and bug fixes. As far as Squidhead-- i’ve no idea. You could try asking on the CFML Slack team. There’s almost 1000 people in there, so it’s more likely you’ll find someone familiar with it.



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Squidhead is the poors mans DAO and Gateway generator… CFORM is the new toy for that anyway.

Thank you gentlemen

Thank you gentlemen.