Don't think the locally installed cbmessagebox docs are actually there

Sorry to keep asking basic questions, but I’ve got 'em, so… Thanks in advance to all for any help.

I installed cbmessagebox into my app via CommandBox. Wanting to learn how to use it, I looked at the directory structure, and saw this:


However, browsing there shows what looks like an incomplete shell for cbjavaloader v2.2.1 docs. It’s a split frameset, both sides of which say ‘cbjavaloader v2.2.1’. Left side has a search box that doesn’t do anything, right side has a blue bar saying Package Overview, and that’s it. No links, no content.

Google found me this:, but it doesn’t look like the local docs actually exist.

What’s up with that?

Looks like an issue in the build process, as the API documentation generation was fine up through 2.1.0: . That module was recently converted to use a different build process. I’ll take a look at it today.


Development has been updated. Master should be fixed as soon as Luis merges this pull request:

Thanks Jon :slight_smile: