environment variables not available?

Obviously, I am doing something wrong, but I don’t see it. According to a thread I saw, I needed to specify the complete path to various resources such as CSS. In order to get

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

rendered, I need to code

yet, it seems I should be able to code

In my environments.xml I have the environment mapping

When I run my code with the ApplicationHome variable, I get a message stating Variable APPLICATIONHOME is undefined. And, the error page shows that I am in the development environment.

Application Name: owners (environment=development)

What am I missing?

Try this instead…

Unfortunately, that produced incorrect results as well:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

Instead, this worked:

Thanks for putting me on the right path!

I just tend to use:

and then I can use relative urls for images / css / js etc.

This is on ColdBox 3, so I’m not sure if it works on older versions.


  • John

Yes, but then this implies changing my actions from “doSomething” to “index.cfm//doSomething”? Not a huge loss to be sure, just a bit of crankiness on my part as this is not how it works out of the box. However, I am leaning towards setting the base. Do you know of any implications of which I should be aware by doing so? I have to admit that I have not used base very often.

For ColdBox event links I use:

#event.buildLink( ‘handler/action’ )#

ColdBox turns that into a full url with the index.cfm part for me. I can also edit one file if I have a rewrite engine and my links will be generated without the index.cfm if I want.

For everything else (js/images/css) I just use relative links from the base href.

I don’t know of any implications, but I’ve always done it like that so can’t really compare with doing it another way (sorry - that’s not very helpful!)

  • John