Error: Could not find the included template config/ModelMappings.cfm.


This error seems to have randomly popped up again on me:

Error including configuration file config/ModelMappings.cfm. Error:
Could not find the included template config/ModelMappings.cfm.

I have a config directory in my site root and the file is there. I
don't understand why it's throwing this error. I'm not even using the
ModelMappings functionality. Commenting it out in my coldbox.xml.cfm
file didn't seem to help.

Things were fine before but for some reason I'm getting this error.

Any idea why?


Sorry, I don’t recall you’re original post, but you don’t have two applications on the same server with the same name do you? Also make sure you’re not reloading the config on each request (ConfigAutoReload setting).

I checked my config.xml.cfm file and I'm not reloading on each request
so I think I'm good there. This is the only app on the server at this
point. Is there a different way to use the environments interceptor?
Currently I have:

  <Interceptor class="coldbox.system.interceptors.EnvironmentControl">
      <Property name='configFile'>config/environments.xml.cfm</Property>

Is there a different way I *could* do this?



I ended up converting my coldbox.xml.cfm to Coldbox.cfc and the error seems to have gone away. The Coldbox.cfc route looks like the way to go anyways…

I really like Colbox, I must say…

Also, Coldbox.cfc is much faster to process than the XML config (no XML parsing), so it sounds like a win-win :slight_smile: